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Platform for synergistic co-creation and collaborative holonic mapping.

United Earth

Platform for Global Unity, and whole-systems transformation of human society.


Mastering the logical, ethical and universal. Pioneering a resource-based economy.


What is a Synergy Hub?
First-of-its-kind social think-tank, cultural prototyping field and co-creation space for next-gen internet, web technologies and social operating systems

We are professional social architects, entrepreneurs, former research scientists, business owners & corporate professionals, senior software developers, ecovillage and community builders, project managers, teal coaches, healers, cosmic scientists and culturally creative citizens from the Netherlands, the UK, Germany, Egypt, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Canada and the US. We have left our jobs, communities and homes to follow a calling which brought us to this very interesting and promising building of Meesteren Antonius, currently owned by the company Laurens, in the south-east of Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Supported, cared-for and nourished by the local Meesteren Foundation in which we, Noomap, United Earth, The Hague Center and The School of Social Alchemy, found a strong ally. We are weaving together ancient technologies with the latest developments in decentralised blockchain technology, hack spaces, sharing platforms and permaculture design to create a new lifestyle alternative. We are seeking holistic and integral solutions for the challenges of human life in this very interesting time of global, cultural, economic and ecological change. For that we are prototyping groundbreaking new web technologies such as Noomap, and its successor H4OME, alongside new social architectures and group processes in order to implement a scalable way of organising co-creation and fostering synergy for individuals, teams, companies and organisations, networks of organisations, communities and eventually the whole social body. For this target audience we intend to create a synergistic, integral and co-creative platform to enable a new lifestyle of following our passions while being super-creative and super-productive and enjoying unity in diversity.

Hub Activators

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Seed Visionary – Synergistic Systems and Technologies
Innovating and co-creating pioneering technologies and ideas for the emerging paradigm of ‘synergistic co-creation’. Co-founder and co-creator of Noomap: holonomic mapping and synergising technology. Silo buster.
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Andrea Harding

Seed Visionary – Synergistic Structures
Architect of integral technologies supporting emergent, synergistic organisation and creative self empowerment and well being.
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Bret Warshawsky

Visionary Troubador and Community Connector
Connector, artist, visionary and Spiritual Philanthropist.
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Nicolas Luck

H4OME Seed Visionary, Social Architect, United Earth co-founder, founder of the Kaminphilosophen, Scrum Master
Former senior software developer that also spent 10 years in academia studying computer-science and psychology and researching neural networks. Bringing in knowledge about blockchain technologies, he and Chris channeled the blueprint for H4OME, a new decentralised web technology.
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Yan Golding

United Earth Seed Visionary & Steward, Global Community Builder, Cultural Experimentalist and New Paradigm Activator.
Yan is a passionate meta-networker bringing together change-agents and organisations from all sectors to inspire mainstream awareness about the practical steps and strategies towards co~creating a peaceful, just and healthy world for EVERYONE.
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Robert Schramm

Community Connector
Networking, communications, resources management and dogma watch.
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Shannon McArthur

Writer, editor, tarot consultant, and holder of the visions of United Earth and Our Heart Gardens
Shannon is deeply connected to the Divine Feminine and has received 2 prophecies. One has come true and the other we do together: Going Forward there shall be Peace.
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Mona Rabie

Social Architect, School of Social Alchemy
Canadian/Egyptian social architect co-designing social processes and structures (governance, economic) that enable individuals and communities to consciously co-create aligned with the wisdom in nature’s creative process.
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Thorsten Wiesmann

Cosmic Scientist and Meditation Teacher
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Alexander Lagaaij

Cosmic Scientist and Biodanza Facilitator
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John ‘JJ’ Jenkins

Global Freedom Fest, MettaHertzMusic

And many more

More information coming soon - we are still emerging!

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