WuppDays Event: July 7th to 27th, 2016

WuppDays: an invitation to create a place of sharing together

Come play with us!

Inducing contact, establishing connection, forming relationship, thriving in community – all of that is happening in the Synergy Hub in Rotterdam. An 11.000 sqm house gives space to everyone who has an in^terest in contributing time, skills and resources into a manifestation of unconditional sharing and co-creation.  

What is the Synergy Hub vision about?

A diverse set of stakeholders with shared values coming together to realize a common dream: Sharing physical space in support of each other and the planet.

A lot of different initiatives, grassroots movements, activists and changemakers move into one place to empower others to take actions for everything they would like to create, transform, gift and share.

We are co-creating a microcosm and prototype of the world we envision – and a template so others can build their own Synergy Hubs to broaden the global network; a space where every person is liberated to explore their deepest passions and realize their unlimited potentials; where unity is experienced through our diversity, and our diversity is supported by our unity!

What is the Synergy Hub mission about?

Our plan-in-action will raise attraction and have real impact on the local environment and community. We want to be a place where all kinds of different perspectives meet, and we encourage relationships where people share unconditionally, where we experience giving our time, skills and resources without expecting anything in return.

Through our local connections and extended communities we intend to coordinate resources and empower people to thrive in healthy environments full of joy, fulfillment and abundance.

What is currently happening?

Gradually projects are moving in, getting oriented in the building, meeting each other, forming collaborations and starting the first actions.

The yunity movement is walking their talk of “imagine sharing everything” by offering to share their “WuppDays” process with us. A residential project sprint in which people come together to work on their favourite parts of a common vision of a better world. Together with all other initiatives and grassroots movements that come here, we are hosting the first WuppDays in a Synergy Hub from July 7-27, 2016 in Rotterdam.

At WuppDays a diverse team of people comes together to co-create, aligned on a common vision. All kinds of backgrounds are welcome, everybody is free to do what he or she is enthusiastic about.

WuppDays are an opportunity for contributors to meet in person to dream, plan, do and celebrate. The Synergy Hub is going to provide food and shelter for all contributors! Come as you are!

Here is a short list of intentions and ideas that we would like to focus on during this WuppDays. This list is extensible 🙂

  • Design of a Fair-Share Point (essentially a free-shop for food, clothes, tools, items, art, knowledge and skills; video)
  • setting up “foodsharing” in Rotterdam (rescuing food from being thrown away and distribute it to people who need it).
  • provide 500 meals, over the course of the 20 days, each of which is cooked, served and shared unconditionally (money-free)
  • developing strategies and arranging logistics for securing and maintaining the space with the Meesteren Foundation
  • building up a Hackspace, especially around the ideas of decentralization, unconditional sharing and co-creation, supported by the Noomap application
  • indoor and outdoor communal community gardens in partnership with Our Heart Gardens using holistic permaculture guidelines
  • upcycling: clothes, costumes, furniture, etc.
  • start a repair-cafe, woodshop for carpentry and 3D-printing
  • recording studio, radio station, music room
  • indoor art in the theme of “sharing” that will be used for street theater
  • photo and video productions
  • the in-house Antonius “Wellbeing Centre”

Where is it and when can you come?

The Synergy Hub will reach out to as many people as possible. We will create a planetary network where everyone has open access to a Synergy Hub. The movement is beginning now so we are still organizing. If you resonate with one of the ideas above and you really want to actually do them, we invite you to fill out this form, and we will get in touch with you. If you just want to drop by and get some more information, the opening event of the WuppDays on the 9th of July at 18:00 is a very good opportunity to learn more.

We looking forward to hearing from you!

Website: synergyhub.nl Email: synergyhub1@gmail.com Phone (Philip): +31617566555 (Tatiana) +31637300645

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